VicmapR 0.1.8 Unreleased

VicmapR 0.1.7 2021-07-26

  • BUG FIX: Accoriding to the capabilities of the Victorian Land Services geoserver ( the maximum records/features able to be returned is 70,000. This value was set as the default chunk limit (options(vicmap.chunk_limit)). However, it appears various layers have a limit of 1,500. As such the default has now been changed to 1,500. Users should either allow pagination during collect (the default); or if the user is sure 70,000 features can be returned for a layer they can change the default using options(vicmap.chunk_limit = 70000). If this chunk limit is set to greater than 1,500 but the maximum chunk limit for that layer is restricted to 1,500 then only 1,500 features will be returned and there will be no pagination. This may mean incomplete data is returned.
  • CRAN checks now do not throw an error or warning if there is an issue with the geoserver as the check_geoserver() function has been amended and included in other functions to avoid errors being thrown for examples.

VicmapR 0.1.6 2021-07-06

  • Apache licence is now located at:, replaced references to this throughout the package (including Readme.Rmd)
  • The doi address for Teucher et al. (2021) {bcdata} R package paper is now formatted correctly in the DESCRIPTION

VicmapR 0.1.5 Unreleased

  • Pull request #26 added Apache licencing to the VicmapR package (changed from MIT). The Apache licencing is the same as bcdata and properly recognises the contributions of the authors. R scripts that used code from bcdata now have modifications listed as per the Apache 2.0 guidelines.
  • Andy Teucher, Sam Albers and Stephanie Hazlitt added as authors.

VicmapR 0.1.4 Unreleased

VicmapR 0.1.3 2021-06-10

  • Fixed issues relating to CRAN submission for version 0.1.2. They were:
    • Link to the used webservices added to the description field of DESCRIPTION.
    • Used only undirected quotation marks in the description text. e.g. sf –> ‘sf’
    • Added \value to .Rd files regarding exported methods and explain the functions results in the documentation. Missing Rd-tags were:
    • \dontrun{} replaced with with \donttest{} for examples requirying connection to WFS. WFS speeds may vary and in some cases examples could take > 5 seconds.
  • Edited github actions to only run on push for main/master and pull requests

VicmapR 0.1.2 Unreleased

  • Global variables for :=, name, type and . were included with utils::globalVariables()
  • \dontrun{} added to examples collecting or filtering data and listLayers(), as these took over 10 seconds in CRAN checks.
  • Improvements to github actions

VicmapR 0.1.1 Unreleased

  • options(vicmap.base_url) now accepts other base wfs urls to be used instead of the Vicplan one (e.g. the BOM wfs: options(vicmap.base_url = ""))
  • A vignette on how to use Vicmap has been added
  • Enhanced documentation and references
  • Specified that GDAL > 3.0.0 is required
  • Additional tests have been written
  • Checks for CRAN Submission and automated pkgdown deployment on Github

VicmapR 0.1.0 Unreleased

  • VicmapR now builds queries in a step-wise fashion through the use of a vicmap_promise class. Similar to how bcdata works
  • Generic functions like filter, select, head can be used to refine the query.
  • Data is returned using collect
  • No longer relying on the ows4R package
  • Other supporting functions such as feature_cols, feature_hits, show_query exist to help refine a query

VicmapR Unreleased

  • Added a file to track changes to the package
  • Wrote functions for basic WFS querying of data names and fields (listLayers and listFields)
  • Wrote a function to download and read in spatial data from Vicmap as sf objects (read_layer_sf)